Tiansang organic silk farm starts from the creation story of a Tujia
couple in upper reach of Wujiang river in Southwest of China.

The girl and the boy were born in a river bank village. At the age of
love, they brought their little belongs, searched their way through
bushes, and settled down in a deep gorge among Wuling Mountains.

They married in the song of birds, blossoms of
wild…They enjoyed their fairy world of blue sky, white
cloud and evergreen surroundings.

Slashing and burning around their little cottage, growing
mulberries, they made their living in wild nature, with hoes,
sickles and their hands. Times flowing by, hard-working, they
held fast there over 20 years, with respect to nature, satisfaction
with their lives and love to each other…

In 2007, the husband was named a model farmer by provincial
governer for his contribution to local sericulture ecolomy. Two
years later, the wife was selected as provincial Deputy to
People's Congress. Even then, nothing has ever changed with
them, and they work hard and enyoyably like always…

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