We build successful partnerships with our clients by offering
them a complete range of quality products at competitive prices with on-time delivery.

All our products as following are certified according to GOTS.

●  Wide Range of Organic Silk Night Wears and Underwears.

●  Organic Silk Filament 20/22D, 40/44D 5A, 6A.
●  Organic Silk Fabric Dyed and Printed.
Regular Weaving Group

Organic Silk Satin 12, 14, 16, 19M/M;
Organic Silk Crepe Satin 12, 14, 16, 19M/M ;
Organic Silk Jacquard Satin 16M/M;
Organic Silk Chiffon 10M/M,
Organic Silk GGT with Spandex 12, 16M/M
Regular Knitting Group

Organic Silk Jersey 78, 85, 92G/M2;
Organic Silk Interlock 100, 110, 140G/M2,
Organic Silk Twist Jersey 53, 135G/M2,
Organic Silk Warp Net 65G/M2;
Organic Silk Rib 110, 130G/M2;

Tiansang Commitment

We work according to EU, GOTS and Oeko-tex 100. Tiansang and its
partner confirm that all products are manufactured in compliance with
government regulations in force and human rights.

We do our utmost to help people start and grow their businesses by
means of competitive price, professional design, short and reliable
lead-time, and efficient quality control at every stage from cocoons to

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